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Last Updated: June 2018<\/p>\n

Basic Policy on Personal Information<\/h4>\n

(1) Magtranetwork (\u201cMagtranetwork\u201d \u201cwe,\u201d \u201cus,\u201d or \u201cour\u201d) acquires from users the minimum information required to offer all services as well as applications for the promotion of use (the \u201cServices\u201d) that are available in the Magtranetwork Website (the \u201cWebsite”).
\nWe are committed to safeguarding the personal information acquired from Users with the utmost care.<\/p>\n

Acquisition of Personal Information<\/h4>\n

(1) We automatically receive and record information in our server from the User\u2019s browser as an access log, including the User\u2019s IP address, cookie information, pages viewed by the User, and the User\u2019s environment.
\n We also automatically receive and record in our server the information regarding websites outside the Services from Users who use certain features of applications.
\n However, this information does not include information which can identify an individual, and we use the information for the purpose of managing and analyzing the use of the Website.
\n(2) We automatically receive and record the individual identification numbers in our server from mobile devices used by Users.<\/p>\n

We will not add any information acquired by means other than those set forth in (1) through (2) above to the personal information acquired through the Services.<\/p>\n

Use of Personal Information<\/h4>\n

We will use the personal information under the following circumstances.<\/p>\n

(1) When we display the information optimized for each User on the Services, including postings of information which we believe to be of interest to the User.
\n(2) When we analyze the use of the services for the purpose of improving our services.
\n(3) When we use statistical information regarding the Users to explain the Services to the Users or any third party. And
\n(4) When it is necessary for individual processing and transactions such as making contact with Users or any third party, verifying identification, investigating and addressing a violation of law, and investigating an inquiry.<\/p>\n

We will not view or use the personal information for any purpose other than those described above.<\/p>\n

Disclosure of Personal Information<\/h4>\n

We will not disclose personal information to any third party except for in the following circumstances.<\/p>\n

(1) When we obtain consent from the relevant User for the disclosure of personal information.
\n(2) When we use the minimum personal information of the User required for for our collaborated business with business partners and advertisers, and obtain consent from the relevant User.
\n However, in such cases, the receiving party may not use the personal information disclosed by us for any purpose other than the performance of the collaborated business.
\n(3) When we have a legal obligation to disclose personal information including in circumstances where we are required to do so by court order, or are requested to disclose the information of senders pursuant to the Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers and the Right to Demand Disclosure of Identification Information of the Senders (the Provider Liability Limitation Act).
\n(4) When we have a reason to suspect that a User is in violation of law, and consider that it is necessary for the protection of our rights, property, services or the like. And
\n(5) When there is an urgent need and an imminent danger to the life, body, or property of a User or any third party, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the relevant User.<\/p>\n

Protection and Management of Personal Information<\/h4>\n

We use SSL encryption to protect data in the Services whenever necessary for the protection of data transmission.<\/p>\n


We use cookies for the purpose of checking the login status of Registered Users, measuring the number of unique Users, improving User experience, and authenticating Users.
\nCookies work as follows.<\/p>\n

(1) When a User accesses the Services, we send cookies to the User\u2019s browser to identify the User.
\n(2) When the User is logged into the Services, we send cookies to the User\u2019s browser to identify the relevant User who has logged into the Services.
\n Furthermore, when the User makes an authentication in the Services, we send cookies to identify the authenticated User.
\n(3) When the User permits the receiving of cookies in his\/her browser\u2019s settings, cookie information will be stored in the computer used by the User.
\n(4) When the User sets his\/her web browser to allow sending and receiving of cookies, the web server receives cookie information from the User\u2019s browser.
\n However, for privacy protection, the User\u2019s bowser only sends cookies which are sent by the relevant web server itself.
\n(5) The User may refuse to allow the sending and receiving of cookies by selecting \u201cRefuse to send or receive cookies\u201d in the cookie send and receive settings.
\n If the User does this, the User may not be able to use any Services which require his\/her login.<\/p>\n

Cookies may be used by the advertisements displayed on the Services.
\nWhere this occurs, the use of cookies by the advertisers shall be governed by each of advertiser\u2019s own privacy policy.<\/p>\n

Third Party Tracking Systems<\/h4>\n

The Services acquires statistical information on the use of the website by using cookies, image files (web beacons), Mobile advertising IDs and the like generated by third party providers(*note) which enable us to investigate user trends and to distribute the most relevant advertisements to Users.
\nSuch cookies and web beacons described above may include information directly acquired by third party providers, and any cookie information collected thereby will not be provided or disclosed to us, and will be managed in accordance with the privacy policy prescribed by each third party provider.
\nAccess analytics tools also measure User attribute data acquired from advertising networks and similar services.
\nSuch information does not identify the individual and will be handled in the form of anonymous data.
\nFurthermore, such information will not be used other than for the intended purposes.<\/p>\n

(*note): Please see the websites of third party providers for the privacy policies of third party providers and for the explanation and deactivation of cookies.<\/p>\n

For optimizing advertisement distribution.
\n Google LLC<\/a>(Google AdSense<\/a>, Google AdWords<\/a>, Google DoubleClick<\/a>)
Rakuten, Inc.<\/a>
Twitter, Inc.<\/a>
Facebook, Inc.<\/a>
ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.<\/a>
F@N Communications, Inc.<\/a><\/p>\n

For actual number of Users.
Google LLC<\/a>(Google Analytics<\/a>)<\/p>\n

Scope of Application of this Privacy Policy<\/h4>\n

If the User voluntarily discloses his\/her personal information on the Website, such information may be collected or wrongfully used by any third party.
\nIn such cases, we shall assume no responsibility therefor.<\/p>\n

Unless otherwise specifically set forth in the Services, any website or service of any third party which is linked from the Services establishes its own provisions for the protection of personal information, which is independent from ours.
\nWe assume no obligation or responsibility with regard to these independent provisions and activities.
\nThe User should confirm the terms of use and other provisions established by each website before he\/she provides his\/her personal information.<\/p>\n

Revisions on Privacy Policy<\/h4>\n

We may revise all or part of this Privacy Policy in future.
\nIn case of any material change to this Privacy Policy, we will notify the Users in a clear manner such as posting the changes on the Services.<\/p>\n

Whenever we make any change\/additions to the purpose of use, the User shall have the right to choose whether or not we can use his\/her personal information in the manner changed or added.<\/p>\n

Comments\/Complaints\/Claims\/Disclosure Request concerning Privacy<\/h4>\n

If you have any comments\/complaints\/claims\/Disclosure Request concerning our privacy practices, please contact us at the following contact method.
\nWe will contact you after confirming your inquiry in an appropriate manner.<\/p>\n

Contact Method<\/h3>\n


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